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Category Archives: dreaming

Gato Biro will be performing in the historic Woodland Heights area in Houston for the Lights in the Heights Festival (Bayland Street) on December 10th from 6:00-9:00 PM.


Gato Biro performing at the Baker-McKenzie company picnic on Saturday, October 15th from 11-3 PM

If you care to, come hear the latest Gato Biro music. We’ll be posting new videos all day long since it’s all rainy and there’s no place to go.

I have this new dream. As soon as I purchase an upgrade, you can listen if you want…or not. Arghhh…isn’t there ANY way to upload music without having to purchase an upgrade?
gail bixler-vocals and guitar
tom rodgers-vocals and lead guitar

<i>gato biro<i/>

Gato Biro, acoustic duo

We are at the Seagull, many musicians there. A jail cell is right in the middle of the dance floor. A musician who looks like Otis from Andy Griffith Show is playing a fiddle. A friend of ours is playing guitar with him, but outside of the cage. I tell him the prisoner is a great musician, and ask why he hasn’t been there before. Our friend explains to me that it’s hard to move a whole jail cell as they have to rebuild it every time they move it, and drop it down into the building from the ceiling. I start to ask him if he cares if the taxpayers are funding that kind of service, but decide against it.

They are playing a song called Steamboat Annie and I’m enjoying it to an extent. I’m next to the jail “cage” and see that there is an opening. The musician prisoner could reach through it if he wanted, but doesn’t. He looks depressed and lethargic. Too depressed and lethargic to do anything like that. I move away from it anyway. I wake up.

posted 02/18/05
I am inside of a dream, inside of that dream. I was asking initially (in the first layer of the dream), for a guide because something had happened to mine. Upon asking I fall into the second layer. I see two Indian saints-at least that is who I think it is. One of them is looking into my eyes, touching my face when I fall into a deeper layer. Here, a flash of light-bright yellow and white-ignites me. Orange sparks fly into and away from my body at the same time. It is almost as if I have been electrocuted, but in a good way. ha. I wake up.