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Talking Purple Peacock Kitten
posted 01/28/05
 by Cat Power

I am a nanny for a large family of very intelligent children. While swinging the 9 month old baby boy around in my arms, making airplane sounds, I explain to him that he should not be using drugs. In a very adult-like voice, he tells me he likes using drugs and that he’s okay. 

The mother’s voice interrupts and says to be careful of thekitten, that he is verrrrry mean. I laugh and begin looking for the kitten, knowing that it is in the shower, bottom left corner. I reach in to get it. It is growling and hissing at me, trying to scare me. It is a dark corner and the kids are waiting, watching to see if the kitten attacks me. I laugh again and pick him up, cuddling him in my palm. He is a bright purplish-bluish-peacock-lookingishkitten with electric blue eyes. The second he sees me laughing, he says in a high pitched baby voice “It’s not funny.” He can tell that I see through his anger and know that his nature is sweet and innocent.



  1. That is a wild looking kitty in that photo. Cool.

  2. he’s an easter kitten. :)

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