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I’m doing some JS reconstruction surgery here. Read if you want, but it’s mostly for me. 

Talking Dead Boar
posted 01/27/05
Don’t Fear the Reaper
 by Blue Oyster Cult

Lately I’ve experienced quite a few talking animals in my dreams. 

I am working on a necropsy with a calloused veterinarian that no longer seems to care about his job. As I watch him  gathering his tools for the necropsy, I am holding a deadblack puppy in my arms. I look up to see a huge black pig (boar) on the cold steel table. His  teeth are at least 4 inches long, and look like tusks. He has an underbite like Madi’s (my Lhasa Apso) and there is blood on the steel table. I do not have the heart to put down the dead black puppy, so I keep holding it close. I am supposed to be helping the vet but am not happy that we have to cut up these animals, so I am staring at the big pig on the table. 

Suddenly, I see him breath a shallow breath. I am very excited, so I try to get the vet’s attention to tell him. He ignores me. I blurt out, “hey, the pig is breathing!” The vet ignores me again and gets out his cold steel knife. I try to tell him again. This goes on for a little while, and he keeps ignoring me. 

The pig then takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye, da peeg’s still bwee-ething he says, and smiles (I think). I am relieved and excited, but for some reason, I climb upon the steel table with the pig and the puppy, who takes a deep breath at the same time I do. I almost cry when I realize the puppy is also still alive. I am happy for the animals, but the vet is still clueless.



  1. Gee, it is good to read you again, although I feel like a voyeur…

  2. That’s funny. I don’t know how I’m gonna get all of this done. Kinda time-consuming! I’d really rather be reading friends’ journals, too.

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