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img_4724I’m playing here. This is my daughter, in the snow, freezing because she didn’t believe me when I told her it was cold out there. We were visiting my family in Amarillo. Here in Houston, it’s warm. Not a flake in sight. Waaa.



  1. Hi gaily! Beautiful photo of your daughter. And so nice to find you at last.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Thanks…So glad you made your way here! Even though I backed up most JS entries, looks like I’ll just start over. Ce la vie

  3. Glad to have found you! I hope your holiday was a happy one.

    The photo is amusing…*grinning* Do you think she will believe you next time? :o)

    Take care- Gina (db from JS)

  4. hi, gina! so now your petunia at livejournal? It’s good to see you again. I’m trying to catch up with my posting…maybe today. I wish all of the JSers could be together on the same site again. :( Ok…I’ll quit whining now. I’m marching on with the new year.

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