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Gato Biro will be performing in the historic Woodland Heights area in Houston for the Lights in the Heights Festival (Bayland Street) on December 10th from 6:00-9:00 PM.


Gato Biro performing at the Baker-McKenzie company picnic on Saturday, October 15th from 11-3 PM

If you care to, come hear the latest Gato Biro music. We’ll be posting new videos all day long since it’s all rainy and there’s no place to go.

Find Gato Biro music at:

Gail Bixler-guitars and vocals

Tom Rodgers-lead guitar and vocals

Though we write our own, most of the songs we sing and perform are old and obscure. (Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Joe Dassin, Bob Dylan, Mike Nesmith, Nanci Griffith, on and on)  We might never get around to publishing our own. Who knows…but then who cares? We really are about just having fun with music. It would be a sad thing if it should ever become un-fun.

I have this new dream. As soon as I purchase an upgrade, you can listen if you want…or not. Arghhh…isn’t there ANY way to upload music without having to purchase an upgrade?
gail bixler-vocals and guitar
tom rodgers-vocals and lead guitar

<i>gato biro<i/>

Gato Biro, acoustic duo

We are at the Seagull, many musicians there. A jail cell is right in the middle of the dance floor. A musician who looks like Otis from Andy Griffith Show is playing a fiddle. A friend of ours is playing guitar with him, but outside of the cage. I tell him the prisoner is a great musician, and ask why he hasn’t been there before. Our friend explains to me that it’s hard to move a whole jail cell as they have to rebuild it every time they move it, and drop it down into the building from the ceiling. I start to ask him if he cares if the taxpayers are funding that kind of service, but decide against it.

They are playing a song called Steamboat Annie and I’m enjoying it to an extent. I’m next to the jail “cage” and see that there is an opening. The musician prisoner could reach through it if he wanted, but doesn’t. He looks depressed and lethargic. Too depressed and lethargic to do anything like that. I move away from it anyway. I wake up.

posted 02/18/05
I am inside of a dream, inside of that dream. I was asking initially (in the first layer of the dream), for a guide because something had happened to mine. Upon asking I fall into the second layer. I see two Indian saints-at least that is who I think it is. One of them is looking into my eyes, touching my face when I fall into a deeper layer. Here, a flash of light-bright yellow and white-ignites me. Orange sparks fly into and away from my body at the same time. It is almost as if I have been electrocuted, but in a good way. ha. I wake up.
Talking Purple Peacock Kitten
posted 01/28/05
 by Cat Power

I am a nanny for a large family of very intelligent children. While swinging the 9 month old baby boy around in my arms, making airplane sounds, I explain to him that he should not be using drugs. In a very adult-like voice, he tells me he likes using drugs and that he’s okay. 

The mother’s voice interrupts and says to be careful of thekitten, that he is verrrrry mean. I laugh and begin looking for the kitten, knowing that it is in the shower, bottom left corner. I reach in to get it. It is growling and hissing at me, trying to scare me. It is a dark corner and the kids are waiting, watching to see if the kitten attacks me. I laugh again and pick him up, cuddling him in my palm. He is a bright purplish-bluish-peacock-lookingishkitten with electric blue eyes. The second he sees me laughing, he says in a high pitched baby voice “It’s not funny.” He can tell that I see through his anger and know that his nature is sweet and innocent.

I’m doing some JS reconstruction surgery here. Read if you want, but it’s mostly for me. 

Talking Dead Boar
posted 01/27/05
Don’t Fear the Reaper
 by Blue Oyster Cult

Lately I’ve experienced quite a few talking animals in my dreams. 

I am working on a necropsy with a calloused veterinarian that no longer seems to care about his job. As I watch him  gathering his tools for the necropsy, I am holding a deadblack puppy in my arms. I look up to see a huge black pig (boar) on the cold steel table. His  teeth are at least 4 inches long, and look like tusks. He has an underbite like Madi’s (my Lhasa Apso) and there is blood on the steel table. I do not have the heart to put down the dead black puppy, so I keep holding it close. I am supposed to be helping the vet but am not happy that we have to cut up these animals, so I am staring at the big pig on the table. 

Suddenly, I see him breath a shallow breath. I am very excited, so I try to get the vet’s attention to tell him. He ignores me. I blurt out, “hey, the pig is breathing!” The vet ignores me again and gets out his cold steel knife. I try to tell him again. This goes on for a little while, and he keeps ignoring me. 

The pig then takes a deep breath and looks me in the eye, da peeg’s still bwee-ething he says, and smiles (I think). I am relieved and excited, but for some reason, I climb upon the steel table with the pig and the puppy, who takes a deep breath at the same time I do. I almost cry when I realize the puppy is also still alive. I am happy for the animals, but the vet is still clueless.

img_4724I’m playing here. This is my daughter, in the snow, freezing because she didn’t believe me when I told her it was cold out there. We were visiting my family in Amarillo. Here in Houston, it’s warm. Not a flake in sight. Waaa.